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Inner States

Space Mist



YIN: Move inwards to a place of calm, stillness and surrender where you can feel rested and relaxed. Yin is like a warm hug from the inside letting you untangle from the chaos of life and find a state of relaxation and equilibrium.

The calming and familiar scent of lavender blended with smooth sandalwood and soothing camomile amongst oils which may help to relieve feelings of nervous tension, this scent is amazing to use before bed, yoga practice or in the home office.

Yin: Black ~ Dark ~ Slow ~ Subtle ~ Rejuvenating ~ Passive ~ Intuition ~ Feminine ~ Being ~ Lunar ~ Quiet ~ Relax ~ Patient ~ Soft ~ Water ~ Calm ~ Night ~ Stillness ~


Ingredients:  Distilled Water, Alcohol (derived from grain), Radish root ferment, Ho Leaf, Tasmanian Lavender, Australian Sandalwood, Geranium Bourbon, Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Neroli, Fennel, Tarragon, Penny Royal & Orange Blossom essential oils.

FLOW: We all know that feeling when we are in our flow state; the zone. We are focused yet energised, happy, confident and creative. Our hearts are open and we are in flow with the rhythm of life.

A combination of bright floral rose and soft, sweet and woody undertones including cardamom and mandarin this aroma promotes self-expression and creativity.

Flow: Fluidity ~ Creativity ~ Momentum ~ Authenticity ~ Uplifting ~ Inspired ~ Focus ~ Radiance ~ Freedom ~ Expression ~ Vibrancy ~ Expression ~ Freedom

Ingredients:  Distilled Water, Grain Alcohol, Radish Root Ferment, Vanilla, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cedar, Ho Leaf, Buddhawood, Tagete, Cardamom, Geranium Bourbon, Mandarine, Bergamot, Rose & Labdanum essential oils

MEDITATE: I am grounded and expanded, I seek inner peace, calm and clarity. I go inward to seek guidance and answers and tap into the deeper layers of self.

Earthy and deep with a hint of greenery and layers of woody notes which are intoxicatingly grounding to help restore clarity and connection with self.

This space spray is all-natural, perfect to use as part of your home ritual routine, meditation practice or rejuvenating yoga practice.

Perfect to use before meditation, yoga or when you need to gather your attention and focus while maintaining a relaxed state.

Meditate: Relax ~ Ground ~ Oneness ~ Union ~ Clarity ~ Contemplation ~ Expansion ~


Ingredients:  Distilled Water, Grain Alcohol, Radish Root Ferment, Buddhawood, Frankincense, Juniper Himalayan, Tagetes, Nutmeg, Zdravetz, Myrrh, Rosewood, Wormwood & Hyssop essential oils

YANG: Like a hot summer's day bright and full of opportunity, a ray of light making you feel radiant and alive, Yang is invigorating, energizing and awakening.

A mixture of Australian natives including Australian white cyprus, eucalyptus and cedarwood, Bold and warm reminiscent of a warm summer day in the Australian bush.

 Yang: White ~ Light ~ Driven ~ Intense ~ Expressive ~ Invigorating ~ Logic ~ Masculine ~ Doing ~ Solar ~ Fast ~ Birth ~ Loud ~ Physical ~ Energetic ~ Fire ~ Day ~ Movement ~


Ingredients:  Distilled Water, Grain Alcohol, Radish Root Ferment, Australian White Cypress, Eucalyptus, Virginian Cedar, Clary sage, Grapefruit, Palma Rosa, Aniseed China Star, Juniper Tyrol, Clove Bud, Bay & Ginger essential oils

Directions: Shake well and mist around your space and body

Hand made in Melbourne from imported and local ingredients. We make our products with natural ingredients and our essential oils are high-grade natural aromatherapy oils with no nasties or synthetics.

Before use please read: Avoid misting directly onto naked flame or furnishings, avoid contact with eyes and do a skin test for sensitivity prior to use.

Although this product may have therapeutic qualities information on the uses and properties of aromatherapy oils are provided as general information only, it isn't intended as medical advice. If pregnant or breastfeeding please seek advice from your health care practitioner before using this product