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Merry-go-round designs

reusable card


Pink Cockatoo
Fiery Parakeet
Iris Birds
Folk Flowers

Meet the amazing Merry-Go-Round cards!  A beautiful and sustainable gift card that actually makes the world a better place!

Featuring all aussie artisist that celebrate all the natural beauty and wonders of Australian nature.

Inside is extra paper so you can send the card on again and again to friends and family all around the world.  You keep the sentiment but the card keeps moving through the ages, how delightful! 

Size: 105mm x 205mm to fit inside a standard size envelope (for easy re-use)
Stock: 300gsm Cyclus 100% post consumer recycled
Envelope and message insert stock: Ecocern 100% post consumer recycled
Design: Merrygoround Designs
Printing: FishPrint – Carbon Neutral – Waterless offset