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The Wayfaring Stranger

High Country Organic Beard Oil


When it comes to our products The Wayfaring Stranger has spared no expense. With a product like Beard Oil many people feel like they can throw together a simple DIY version. Whilst this might be true to some extent, you can be assured that you will almost certainly get a DIY result. Not so when you use the High Country Organic Beard Oil.

By ensuring that only the finest quality organic ingredients are sourced right here in Australia, we have made certain to treat your prized beard with some of the finest oils that money can buy. There are no cheap ‘filler’ oils in our product with virgin coconut oil providing a naturally anti-bacterial ‘carrier’ for the real magic to begin.

Jojoba and Argan oil are the real stars of the show with their incredible ability to make split ends a thing of the past no matter how course your beard might be. The addition of Hemp oil and Vitamin E will further nourish the beard whilst our signature fragrance “High Country” will leave your mind wandering to a time and place where stress is a thing of the past.

By personally testing all of our ingredients we have created a light and non-greasy solution to all of your dry skin and wiry beard problems. By simply applying 6 – 8 drops of the High Country Organic Beard Oil every other day, beard-ruff will be a thing of the past.