Itchy Feet Travel Card Game – Albert and Daphne
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Itchy Feet Travel Card Game


Itchy Feet: the Travel Game is a race. The goal is to be the first to "travel" to the country in the center of the table - but first each player must travel through their own country. Each country has three travel-related items required to travel there. Players need to gather these three items, and hold on to their passport, in order to travel - your hand is like your bag, and you've got to pack it right for your destination.

To get the items they need, players can choose to draw from the deck, "recycle" out of the discard pile, trade, or steal from each other.

The game also includes five "extensions" which players can choose to add to the deck to increase the depth and complexity of the game: Events which affect all players immediately, Special Items which allow special actions, Forbidden Items which prevent travel and are tricky to get rid of, Postcards which provide an alternate win scenario, and Characters which give each player a unique ability.