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The Wayfaring Stranger

Japanese Titanium Grooming Scissors


There are a few items that should be a part of every Gentleman's grooming arsenal. One of those things is a razor sharp pair of scissors. 

These titanium scissors are like any precision tool, if looked after properly they will serve you well for a lifetime. That doesn't mean they won't show signs of ageing over time, but we strongly believe that every nick and scratch will carry a story that just adds to their character. 

All of our scissor sheaths are hand made from genuine Australian kangaroo leather. That means every piece will bear grain and scar pattern as unique as the animal it came from. 

Each sheath contains a hidden magnet to ensure that the scissors don't become unloaded unless you really want them to. It also means that they will cling to the matching High Country Comb during even the bumpiest of journeys. Never again will you have sharp items bouncing around loose in your toiletry bag.