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Orbit Key

Orbit Key Accessories


Bottle Opener
Multi Tool Silver
Multi Tool Black
Ring V2

Check out all of these handy accessories perfect to pimp your key organiser!

+ Bottle opener - It’s slim yet durable - a drinking buddy you can always rely on.

+ Multi Tool - Bottle opener, multi-size hex wrench, box cutter, flat-head screwdriver, file... you name it - 6 tools in 1.

+ Nail File/Mirror -It’s important to be feeling our best when we’re out doing the things we do. At a moment’s notice, you can smooth out discomfort with a convenient slim mirror paired with a versatile nail file.  The two-in-one package seamlessly fits onto any Key Organiser and Orbitkey Ring. You’ll look and feel great, any time of the day.

+ Tracker - Locate your missing items with the bluetooth-enabled tracker. A slim design which firmly rests inside your Key Organiser or standard keyring - the included tassel allows you to attach onto anything else you want to track.

+ USB 8GB - Fast transfer rate, slim USB 3.0 stick you can always have on you, everywhere you go.