Funky Socks – Albert and Daphne
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Otto & Spike

Funky Socks


Bike Red
Bing Bing Green
Bing Bing Mono
Crux Lavender
Deco Mint
Deco Indigo
Deco Teal
Diffused Multi
Diffused Charcoal/Lilac
In & Out Red/Tan
In & Out White
Neighbourhood Blue
Neighbourhood Grey
LaPlane Blue
Nouveau Pink
Nouveau Blue
Pantonia Natural
Starstruck Charcoal
Starstruck Mint
Argylish Rust
Mondriano Red/Blue
Black Bikes
Pantonia Charcoal
Kitty Black
Argylish Teal
Kitty Grey/Marle
DAB Navy
Multi brick
Hank Black
Lemonade Petrol
Flower Power Petrol
Hank Charcoal
POP Petrol
Baby Blue
Fabuloso Tweedy
Geo Funk Pastel

Everybodies favourite socks!! Go funky on your feet with these super fun cotton socks in a variety of colours and patterns.  They make the perfect gift or special treat for yourself!

Made with love in Melbourne.