The Slow Road Cookbook – Albert and Daphne
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The Slow Road Cookbook


Mums only want the best for their families. But Kirianna Poole didnt find that in a big house in the middle of suburbia. Instead, shes spent five years travelling with her husband and three kids in their vintage Kombi. 

Life travels slowly in an old campervan, and for Kirianna, that means lots of time to dream up simple, hearty food thats perfect for cooking while camping. Schooled in her Dads restaurants and inspired by a slow-paced life, she knows that good food is the foundation of awesome family adventures. From the small burner in her van or a campfire at camp, Kiriannas simple, delicious and wholesome recipes are perfect for families who want to eat better outdoors. Forget two-minute noodles; The Slow Road Cookbook is filled with the meals she grew up with in a Māori family in New Zealand, flavours shes savoured around the world, and camping classics born in the Aussie bush.

With over 100 recipes and chapters covering meat, chicken, seafood, desserts, breakfasts, and even some sneaky cocktails, you'll never lack for choice. With a baby strapped to her chest and two barefooted kids exploring around her, this is food for families who crave a slower life, more connection with people, the land, and, just as importantly, themselves.